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Can't Change a Man

Must Hear Single from Michelly Cordova

We all know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, now you need to hear “Can’t Change a Man” the 1st single off the upcoming album from Michelly Cordova. This laid back rock/reggae inspired tune depicts a playfully relatable tale of relationship woes and struggles with a simple message: you can’t change a man no matter what you do!
The smooth, easy going feel of the beat serves as a charmingly unanticipated complement to the poignant message expressed in the lyrics. Its best said by the chorus when they add “he won’t change, if he don’t want to”.
Along with Grammy winning producer Bob Tucker and renowed pianist/producer Jane Getz, this collaboration masterfully created original tunes which highlight the voice that is uniquely Michelly.
“Can’t Change a Man” voices the millions of stories out in the world about the failed attempts to change a man. The song exemplifies Michelly’s versatile singing style. Expect many more exciting songs in the near future; full album is scheduled for release Fall 2013.
Ladies, it’s time to save the mascara and tissue as you sing along to “Can’t Change a Man”.
Hope you give it a listen!
Download Now from iTunes, Amazon, and CDbaby. Watch the youtube video. More great music to come as the album prepares for release in Fall 2013. Join Michelly Cordova’s newsletter for updates and special offers.

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All About The Music

Music has always been in my life and singing is a something I have always enjoyed. We all have a passion in life we can’t live without, for me it’s music and now I’m fortunate enough to share it with you.
I grew up singing along to greats like Blondie, Chrissie Hynde, the Beatles and Billie Holiday. Not the average assortment you’d find in the music library of an 8 year old. I was hooked at an early age by so some many great songs sung by my favorite artists. Each songs so filled with emotion, touching lyrics and great melodies, I was deeply moved by them.
When I think back on the music that shaped my life more…



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