Michelly Cordova…all about music

Music has always been in my life and singing is a something I have always enjoyed. We all have a passion in life we can’t live without, for me it’s music and now I’m fortunate enough to share it with you.
I grew up singing along to greats like Blondie, Chrissie Hynde, the Beatles and Billie Holiday. Not the average assortment you’d find in the music library of an 8 year old. I was hooked at an early age by so some many great songs sung by my favorite artists. Each songs filled with such emotion, touching lyrics and great melodies, I was deeply moved by them.
When I think back on the music that shaped my life, I remember the days I spent listening to all the music I could, from radio to albums to movies. Back then, I thought writing a song was one of the most difficult things a person could do, reserved only for a few special people with a gift for storytelling. I never thought I’d be that singer, standing in front of a room full of people, all there to hear me tell a story.
Today I write songs, and create my own stories. I draw from experiences I’ve had or dreams yet to be. Others are just fun because I always find a way to laugh. We all need to laugh, love and enjoy the world around us. Have you had a chance to listen to some of my music. It’s not for everyone, just for those who want to love, laugh and see the beauty of life. I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy creating it.
Favorite thing to do, first thing in the morning: I like to look at the morning light and think about the great day before me. This also works when I stay up all night after a show and watch the sunrise.