Love, Dreams and Everything in Between

"Love, Dreams and everything in between" is the new album from Michelly Cordova. Its a mix of Soul, R&B, Pop, Blues, Rock. With love songs, moody tunes, some funky R&B and a whole lot more. Buy it NOW!

1. Love Will Lead
2. Love Is A Mystery
3. Why Can't It Be Different
4. Can't Change A Man
5. Walk On
6. Too Close To The Sun
7. Visions Of You
8. My Secret
9. Together Always
10. Come Get My Love

All songs written by Jane Getz and Michelly Cordova
Can't Change A Man, Love Will Lead, Too Close To Sun written by Jane Getz, Bob Tucker and Michelly Cordova

Production & Recordings
Produced by Bob Tucker and Jane Getz of SoulTwang Productions
Recorded at Crescent Heights Digital for Silly Dilly Records
Executive Producer -Michelly Cordova
Album Graphics by Abu

Engineered & Mixed - Bob Tucker
Assist Engineer - Ramiro Lopez
Additional Engineer - Jimmy Byrd at Fort Taco
Mastering by Brad Vance of Red Mastering

Michelly Cordova - Lead vocals
Jane Getz - Keyboard, Backup vocals
Bob Tucker - Guitar, Bass
Chad Watson - Bass
Edwin Livingston - Bass
Jeff Littleton - Bass
Peter Buck - Drums
Tom Walsh - Drums
Kim Federoff - Backup vocals
Rita Edmond - Backup vocals
Shahrzad Sepanlou - Backup vocals
Sheri Pedigo - Backup vocals
Greg Ellis - Percussion
Rene Castro - Percussion
Dale Fielder - Sax
Nolan Shaheed - Trumpet
Ana Lenchantin - Cello

Copyright 2013 Silly Dilly Records, Burbank CA
All rights reserved, unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is punishable under federal law.