Time to change & build

Change is part of life. At times you get stuck before you’ve begun. It was time for a new website, but I could only find excuses that prevented me from getting started. I went from looking for a web designer online to asking friends if they had any recommendations. It’s been a long run with my old website but now its time to move on. I had to put the pieces together and get started.

When you find excuses, instead of solutions, all that wasted time just makes you older.

Music is something I understand, and very well. It’s something I do with pride. If I start to look at my life the way I handle music, I’m guessing I could be more organized & complete more tasks. But if I was organized and had my life together, WHAT WOULD I WRITE ABOUT?…. I think its time I found out.

“Music is a verb.” – Ornette Coleman